URL change and not see pics

I changed name of my domain but following http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/DuplicateInstallation

But not see tydipics photos and group avatar. Not problem with profile avatar



  • Have you updated the filestore location as described in the DuplicateInstallation instructions?

    Has the timezone changed on the new server (http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/No_images)?

    What do you see instead of the images? Is there a "?" placeholder image showing and if yes to which url would the link of these images redirect - old url / new url? Maybe also the server log gives some insight on what is going wrong.

  • Only changed the domain name. Server and IP are the same. Modify new URL in Elgg configuration admin settings and DB

    See broken icon in pic place

  • You did clear caches, did you?

    Only thing that comes to my mind would be to forget about trailing slash in page URL. Url to your pahe would be useful to see the problem.

  • I've done the steps one by one, cleaned caches even tydipics updated last version.












  • I've digged to your page and see that you are adding whitechars in front of image output. You may have whitechars before <!--?php or after ?--> tags in some files that you've recently modified.

    Definitely something more has changed than URL.

  • After a domain name/IP address change it can take a while until everything works again ("domain in propagation" = not all nameservers are updated yet and might not route correctly). But in your case I don't think that this is the problem.

    I see that you have a plugin installed that allows registration/login with external accounts (Facebook and others). Have you updated the domain-specific API keys that might be necessary for this plugin (or possible other plugins you use and also required some API key)? I think the problem with the images not loading is caused by some other 3rd party plugin or plugins installed on your site. I would recommend to disable them temporarily (with the exception of Tidypics as you want to test it) to see if this makes a difference.

    Another possible reason for Tidypics' images not showing could be a faulty language file (wrong encoding). But if the images only vanished after the domain name change without a change in language files this is also rather unlikely to be the reason. So, I would begin to test out if the problem is caused by one or more of the plugins on your site.

  • The whitechar issue @Pawel mentioned could be indicating a problem with language files. But it could also still be a problem caused by a plugin that fails "to ping home" due to an invalid API key after the domain name change.

  • The problem is with EuphoriaNIC theme, I deleted and reinstalled but the problem persists, think it is something related to database and EuphoriaNIC

  • I delete share buttoms but remains the same problem

  • This theme seems to save the urls of the slider images in its settings: change of domain name --> problem.

    Can you access the plugin settings of the EuphoriaNIC theme? Check the urls that show up for the slider images and correct them. Hopefully, this fixes your problem.

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