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well I moved this here seein' how the rockers ain't rockin just yet.

aaudio dose not notice my files for some reason. however in the beginning it did.

mymusic plugin puts code above the player even with the fix.

tried disabling "file mod" and reinstalling.  both of these plugins worked for me in the beginning and now neither do. it must bee something I did... also it's not the MP3 size I assume because I have small ones up there as well that are not being recognized.

  • I've started working on the basics of the template for AAudio2 to extend it into a fully grown-up PlugIn.

    So this will have it's own index page with *yours *friends *the world's as described above.

    Having played with and debugged the missing link w.r.t v1.5 and got it working on my hosted test elgg site, I am rather happy as I can see some nice and useful applications for aaudio running (automatically) off  "playlists" based on your "Files" mp3 content.

    Anyone interested.. please go ahead and post your AAudio *PlugIn* feature ideas here so that I can see what can be done.

    My interest in this comes from being a musician myself ( as well as being an Elggster/ php/ mysql/ ibm/ whatever/ all the talents that SV has given me with/ etc.. )

    If you're interested, you might also want to look over my "ElggRockersJamming" Group - it's not just about music. There's a whole technological *world universe around *multi-media involved !!

  • plugin vote is yes.  will donate hugs and kisses....lolol

  • I will post the skeleton maybe tomorrow on my test elgg site.. no real code.. but it will show what to expect.. i think it be a somewhat kewl extended aaudio ;-O to be able to browse for mp3 thattaway and have playlist right there a la winamp.

  • maybe it can have its own file section seperate from the regular file plugin that can be more secure and better protect users music.

  • I thought about making a dummy account to vote

  • One idea I would love to see would be the ability to have the player pick up on live rtmp streams if that is possible.

    On my network I have a number of church's that use my flash servers to stream their services live on their websites.

    They also archive all of their streams so they can be played back later.

    In my 'perfect' scenario, I would have the player search for a live stream and if it's not available, it would jump to a playlist of prior rtmp broadcast streams. not sure it's really relevent to this app though, but you asked for suggestions.

    It would also be really nice if there was a way of adding cover art to the stream, so something actually shows up in the player if it's audio. or thumb for video before play is initialized.


    I am glad I found this thread though. I am brand new to elgg, 3 days, and was going crazy trying to figure out why it was not picking up on my mp3 upload. The playlist was blank as you described.... Is there a patch available yet?