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well I moved this here seein' how the rockers ain't rockin just yet.

aaudio dose not notice my files for some reason. however in the beginning it did.

mymusic plugin puts code above the player even with the fix.

tried disabling "file mod" and reinstalling.  both of these plugins worked for me in the beginning and now neither do. it must bee something I did... also it's not the MP3 size I assume because I have small ones up there as well that are not being recognized.

  • just a  probable stupid suggestion

    have you tried it in a different browser

  • your zplayer doesn't work?

  • the zaudio work just fine... it's the aaudio or mymusic that don't seem to work for me on either installation. the are both in subfolders. the odd thing is they did work.  I've tried disableing all plugins but those and still didn't work... I'm stumped.

    here is my site

    thanks for any help or even a direction -- 8 )

  • Thought I'd sum up.

    when it comes to me and my knowledge of this stuff (I only started using CMSs about 6 months ago) there are no stupid questions.  nothing is obvious to me. so the answer is no. I hadn't tried that but now I have and I still seem to have the same problem.

    I have also tried moving the plugin just below my files to see but no use there either.

    Thried running "poorman's cron" and garbage collector

    Check my .htacces and php.ini  wasn't sure what I found. is it maybe that the player is using an outside player and I'mm not allowing that stuff to run somehow?

    I tried putting a seperate cgi-bin in the installation folder... no luck

    Tried chomd on a few folders but didn't want to get lost.

  • AAudio is supposed to go thru the user's Files and pick out those files that are of mime type "audio/mpeg" and create a playlist from those. I've done a test :- loaded a mp3 music file, and enabled AAudio. It seems that AAudio does not detect the mp3 file uploaded and so my PlayList is empty.

  • that's kinda "greek" to me. although I of course appreciat all input.  I have it now, by clearing the cache, showing the songs but they won't play when I click them?  : (

  • greek LOL ;-)

    oki.. simpler english...

    I believe AAudio was written for Elgg v1.2 and maybe notr working properly with Elgg v 1.5

    I am doing some AAudio code debugging to determine why it cannot find the mp3 files to play from it's play-list. I do see some code problems already - aaudio just cannot locate the mp3 files and so cannot play them ;-(

    Meanwhile.. "give it up" for a little while until I can figure out what the code problem is ;-)



  • lol... sorry I'm short on patience but I'll muster some up for ya.  lol   : ]

  • first the hook ( i.e. musical "motive" or "motif" ) the verse, then chorus.. unless u r writing in A A B A format ;- ).

    I'll work on the code...

  • hmmm ;-)

    i've got aaudio working on my local PC

    now need to figure oyt what the bad code is within the widget that does not allow the player access to the actual mp3 file