Elgg Mobile & App ??

Dear Elggers :)

After long long long time, I am back to Elgg. I started using other open source softwares but now I am sure only Elgg is the best software among all.

As I am logged in here after long time, I lost track what is going on elgg. I am sure here are more new experts and plugins :)

I would like to know from you guys, is there any good plugin for mobile devices? I want my users when they browse my site the device automatically deducts the mobile version. I am using Elgg 1.8.19 with default theme.

Please someone suggest me which one is the latest and best mobile plugin for elgg.

Also I would like to know, is this ever possible to make an App for elgg? So that we can submit our App in the market and users can download it like other social networking apps?


I would be so happy to hear from you guys.

Many thanks in advance.

Kindest Regards