form is missing bug

when i try to login my elgg, there is a red line to show: Form is missing_token or _ts  fields. 

can u tell me what is happen , where do i need fix?




  • What version, what server setup, is it form in 3rd party plugin?

  • how to know with 3rd party plugin wrong.

  • For finding out which plugin (if any) is causing the problem:

    1. disable ALL 3rd party plugins including your theme plugin (in case you use any). Does the error still occur then? If not, you know that the issue is caused by one the 3rd party plugins. If the error still occurs, the reasons for the error is probably not caused by a 3rd party plugin.
    2. Enable your 3rd party plugins again step by step. If the error starts to appear again the last plugin enabled is causing the problem.

    Like candidates: any plugins that modify login/site registration (e.g. adding registration with external account credentials like FB, Twitter etc.).