Feedback very appreciated: next release of Tidypics ready for TESTING

Ready for TESTING means: Please do not use it on any productive sites yet! Therefore, the upcoming next release of Tidypics is only available on github for now.

What's new:

The major change is the handling of comments and likes made via the activity page. If you now comment on an "images uploaded" river entry (or like such an entry) the comment/like will now get added either to the image (in case only a single image was uploaded) or the album (if more than a single image was uploaded in one go). The comments/like will still show up on this upload entry in the river but now also on the album or images pages respectively.

Why do I ask for feedback and testing?

For existing comments/likes made with former versions of Tidypics on the activty page to appear in the same way as any comments/likes made with the new release the existing database entries for these comments and likes need to be updated. Therefore, the upcoming release of Tidypics comes with the necessary upgrade script (to be started via the Tidypics settings page).

Depending on how many database entries need to be updated these script might take a while to execute. Also, there are several differences of these database entries to be considered (due to possible different Tidypics versions used in the past while these entries were created). Additionally, Elgg 1.9 comes with a different and additional requirements for the upgrade script (therefore the script differs for the Tidypics version for Elgg 1.8 and 1.9).

Testing capabilites of me are limited (especially regarding the size of the test installation available). Also, I might not have considered all possible use cases yet that might have to be taken into account for the upgrade script. Therefore, I would like to ask you - if you have some time and a suitable Elgg test installation at hand: could you give me some feedback how the upcoming version of Tidypics - especially the upgrade - works for you? How long does it take to run on your site (with some rough info about the size of your installation)?

It won't make much sense to test the upgrade on a fresh installation as there won't be any entries to be updated.

Where to get the upcoming Tidypics for testing?

Before testing the upcoming Tidypics release please read the README.txt. Best would be to backup the database before running the Tidypics upgrade. And again: DO NOT YET USE ON A PRODUCTIVE SITE!

  • @Isabelle: I can't confirm the issues 1-3 you are describing. Which version of Tidypics are you using for testing on Elgg 1.9? Is it 1.9.1beta13? The $vars["url"] deprecated issue can definitely not be caused by Tidypics, because it's not used within the code of Tidypics anymore anywhere. Do you have any other 3rd party plugins enabled? Other plugins might result in the issues you are describing if they are interferring with the views and pages of the Tidypics plugins. Please try again with no other 3rd party plugins enabled. Does the same problem happen again.

    Issue 4: the popup will only show the albums of the logged in user - no exception for admins. I don't think it would make sense to display all albums of the site for admins because the dropdown menu might contain a very high number of albums then without any chance of seeing who is the album owner. If you want to add images to an album of another user please go this the page of this album and use "Upload photos to this album".

    Any feedback regarding the upgrade script - if you are indeed testing beta13 on Elgg 1.9 and have already existing Tidypics content on this test installation?

  • @iionly : sorry for the wrong reporting on error 1. I was just going to post that, before you made this post. 

    • #1 is not due to tidypics
    • #2 still exists. I have gone through the code of pages/list/siteimagesowner.php and I could not find where you are setting the pageowner entity.
    • #3 - I will check once more.

    I am using version number 2014040201.

    I haven't tested it on an upgrade installation. I dont have any big installation of 1.8 at the moment.


  • #2: images of a certain user page is called either by http://site.url/photos/siteimagesowner or http://site.url/photos/siteimagesowner/<user_guid&gt;

    If there's a user guid in the url (in case you want to see the images of this other user), the guid is retrieved in the pagehandler function in start.php:

    if (isset($page[1])) {
        set_input('guid', $page[1]);

    Then in siteimagesowner.php:

    $owner_guid = get_input('guid');
    $owner = get_entity($owner_guid);
    if(!$owner || !(elgg_instanceof($owner, 'user'))) {
        $owner = elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity();
        $filter = elgg_view('filter_override/siteimages', array('selected' => 'mine'));
    } else {
        $filter = '';

    Here the user's guid is retrieved. If there's no guid in input or it isn't a valid user guid the owner (page viewer) is assumed to be the currently logged in user in session. The page has indeed no "owner" retrieved by elgg_get_pageowner* or set by elgg_set_pageowner*.