Help for updating to Elgg 1.9

I'm trying Elgg 1.9 for test purposes. 

First, what are these files:





Do I have to upload them? One of them seems to be fiving critical error when I try to upgrade.


  • .gitignore tells our version control system (Git) which files it should ignore.

    .scrutinizer.yml and .travis.yml are related to automated testing of the Elgg core. The tests are run on new code before it gets merged to the core.

    None of these files are required for an Elgg site to work. You can remove them safely.

    What kind of an error do you get? Sounds weird that something would prevent uploading those file.

  • I cannot recall it. It had big red letters with Critical Error. Might have been just some problem with some mod because I hade plenty that were deprecated.

  • The error came back. Seems like the original upgrade was "locked" and the new upgrade didn't work. I unlocked the upgrade and now it gives the fatal error again:


  • The file_tools plugins is using a function that is shouldn't be using. Try disabling that plugin before upgrading.

  • @Juho So after 1.9 gets an official release, do we have to disable third party plugins before upgrading?

  • If plugin won't work in 1.9 due to usage of removed functions (deprecated in 1.7) or private api (like in this example), you can't expect them to go correctly through upgrade process. However, if plugin is written correctly (that means, doesn't use private api or functions deprecated 2 versions earlier) it should just run and not fail with fatal error.

    So general guidline might be: Disable plugins that are not guaranteed to run in 1.9.

    That does not mean to disable all of them though. As a matter of fact, in my upgrade testing I didn't have to disable any plugin, despite using several of 3rd party ones on my test enviromnent.

  • The upgrade is now wrking fine. I've disabled the incopatible plugins. But I'm still getting this one weird error?

    WARNING: Deprecated in 1.9: The page/elements/shortcut_icon view has been deprecated. Use the 'head', 'page' plugin hook. Called from [#14] /home/***/public_html/elgg/engine/lib/views.php:372<br /> -> [#13] /home/***/public_html/elgg/views/default/page/elements/head.php:69<br /> -> [#12] /home/***/public_html/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/ViewsService.php:354
  • That shouldn't affect the functionality of your site, it should all still work.  If you want to get rid of the error you need to do as the warning says and remove the old view and create a plugn hook handler to get your favicon in the head instead.

  • Paweł's code analyser is a great tool to help you fix and scan for depricated functions.

  • I'm actually working on writing a small tutorial on upgrading plugins for Elgg 1.9. I'll let the community know once there's something to read.