Termii team | free release of websites web service plugin, HTML5 plugin and Android app to developers on elgg community

I have been a lover and diligent user of the elgg platform for over 3 years now and i have worked extensively on the elgg platform but i have decided on behalf of my company termii webtech limited to make some of our custom made plugins and apps open to the elgg community under the name of termii apps. So pls my friends and fellow coders...i would soon be releasing a couple of apps and plugins to the community.

PLS note: some of these plugins and app might be as a result of modifications to certain plugins existing on the community. But i would make sure we give due credit to the original developers, also our custom made app or plugins are only to be used personally by developers and not to be sold for purposes other than modifying for development...there are protected by opensource license...selling open source materials is not a good act, so please anyone doing that...desist from it.

And lastly, we are pleading at termii, you are free to make modifications to any plugins we release here but dont copy or lift any written content from our website....because i recently saw a site...based on elgg that copied practically most written contents on our site...and it almost became an issue so please create your contents dont copy contents. You can use codes but copyrighted words or materials are not opensource. Thank you

So watch out for our plugins and thank you elgg team, ishovick, brett, phloor team, matt, rj, mariano, jdaslem, evan winslow and all the top coders on the elgg community, you have greatly inspired our designs and work, your plugins were useful to our network and we are greatful.



Gbolade Emmanuel T.

vice-chiarman termii webtech ltd / Founder termii.com