comment shown seperately

Hey guys,

my problem is that after i comment on a post on my elgg site, the comment will not only be shown under the post but it will also create a seperate post which i guess has to do with activity or something like that, but i really don't want that because it's quite lame.

Here's a picture about my problem, it may clarify my confusing explanation :)


Please help me if you can. Thanks in advance. :)

  • I know what he means. The problem is that as well as the comment being made directly under the post in the river, there is a secondf copy of the comment made as a seperate activity above the original post.... Personally i think it's unnecessary.. and takes up needed space on the wall.

  • I'm working on the same thing. here is what I did. Tested and working.


    copy the file to:

    go to aprox line 80 and delete the function:

    save the new file.

    go to elgg/mod/your_plugin_name/start.php

    add to the your_plugin_name-init function

    $action_path = elgg_get_plugins_path() . 'your_plugin_name/actions';
    elgg_register_action('comment/save', $action_path.'/comment/save.php', '');

    Save your start.php file and you're done...

    I do agree with the logic of @iionly but I run Latest Comments in the sidebar.