User Widget that displays their recent Activity?

Is their a plugin for a widget that a user code to put on their own personal website that displays their recent activity on the elgg site? like twitters, pinterest widgets?

  • The RSS feed widgets available here in elgg community may be helpful for you. 

  • The RSS Import plugin by Matt Beckett may be useful for that. And as it does not have a setted style, it should also work with your own theme.

    Probably an " <iframe>yourdomain.url </iframe> " in the html editor in your tinymce editor could also work. Idk whether it will, but you may try it out. (Note: iframe will just show the given URL within your site. So it wont use your own theme. Morely like a normal page within ur ellg with ur theme, but the other site as its content... lol)

    So webgallis advise is better in my opinion ;)