Group centered elgg site

How can I force users to join only one of the groups and then change the various site menu items to the ones referred to this user's group?

  • I try to explain better: i divide my site into closed groups, any user can join only one group and see all around the site only his group activity, discussions, bookmarks and so on.

    I tried to register the group site menu items, but I don't know how to force the membership to only one group and so to call this group for the menu. Moreover I can't unregister the regular menu items

    Any suggestion of how I can do? Note that I believe I have understood elgg structure and philosophy, but I cannot use properly its language

  • For menu, you can use this plugin:

    or the built-in menu editor.

    As far as forcing an user to join a group, may be you can you use "Group Tools" plugin to add him (or several users) to that group. I don't know if it can be done in another way.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • At the beginning I will add the users manually to one of the groups and close the registration to groups, but in long-term I would like the users to register to one groups autonomously, maybe when the fill their profile.

    The problem with the menu is that they are users (or better their group registration) wise and not "fixed" as they are now.
    I will check menu-builder menu, hoping it works with elgg 1.9

    Tnx, Teo

  • The Coldtrick's group_tools plugins allows for suggested groups upon registration and also (AFAIK) automatic group joining.

  • hmm, maybe the "roles" plugin (together with the profile_manager plugin?) allows for additional permission types that also effect what menu items can be seen? Never tried it though.

  • There is one solution that might closely resemble what you are trying to achieve. Create invisible groups and let group owners or members invite new users using group tools. It will send out a link and when the user registers with this link, he/she will be joining that group. Joining other groups is impossible since all groups are invisible.