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Hi all,

I started using elgg a while ago as a collab platform for an NGO. It does most of what we need to co-ordinate project work. One thing which is missing however is a nice task management feature.

The available tasks plugins seem to be out of date and no longer maintained.

I could imagine funding a smallish numbers of hours of work through our NGO. Maybe others would also help out with donations, as a tasks tool seems to be asked for quite frequently.

Anyone here able to offer a solution or interested in financially co-funding the development of a new tasks plugin?

  • That sounds interesting. We as an NGO network in Uganda also run an Elgg site for member coordination ( and I have evaluated the usability of various plugins for task management.

    There is actually an updated version of the task management plugin here: which is not bad, but ultimatly didn't really do what I had in mind.

    There is also the "brainstorm" plugin that has some features similar to task management, see here:

    I doubt that I will be able to actually scramble funds to support this (we are from Uganda after all...), but I will see what I can do.

    Awesome would be something based on these javascript libs btw:

    But I guess that is out of the scope of what you are proposing.


    P.S.: you are aware of ?

  • Thanks for the feedback. After having read that people were having problems using lorea tasks on current elgg installations, I never gave it a try. It seems to be deadware (like so many elgg add-ons, sadly). But I might.

    Thanks for pointing me to It doesn't look as if it would be very useful for us however. It seems to lack all the interaction features that are central to elgg. And, frankly, the interface looks rather horrid, IMHO.


  • Give the lorea tasks plugin a try, for me it works on the latest elgg version. It doesn't seem to be very actively developed though.

    Main issues I have it it:

    1. Doesn't interact much with notification/email system (so no deadline reminders etc.)
    2. All voluntary, i.e. anyone can accept a task and tasks can not be assigned
    3. Doesn't interact with/includes a calender system (interaction with the event_calender plugin would be great)
  • For if it interests you, I'm redesigning the 'community plugins' plugin, more to something based on photographers, but non the less.

    What I have now:

    • Users can stat a project, add a moodboard
    • add categories
    • Others search between the categories to find a project in their genre
    • they can push a button that they want to collaborate
    • Owner can close the project by stating he found collaborators
    • Add the collaborators (so that they are visible on the projects page)
    • Owner can upload the review about how the cooperation was and attach a Hypegallery to it to show the result to the audience
    • they can rate the collaboration (stars)

    In case that sounds interesting, you're always welcome to help me with it.

  • @Krischan: Deadline reminders would really be nice. When people do NGO work in their free time, they sometimes lose track of their commitments ;-)

    @Dries: Yes it does sound interesting! I still "need" a task mgmt solution though :-)

  • @Krischan: Ok, I installed Lorea and it does indeed work. It's workable, but it would be nice if tasks could be as easily defined and assigned as in Confluence (which has its own little quirks).

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