Alphabetical group sorting, showing only a sub-set?

So I figured out how to sort groups alphabetically and have that result paginated:

$group_options["pagination"] = true;

$group_options["limit"] = 20;

$group_options["joins"] = array("JOIN " . $dbprefix . "groups_entity ge ON e.guid = ge.guid");

$group_options["order_by"] = " ASC";

But for a small "directory" group widget I would like to also limit that view to a sub-set, i.e. for example only show groups that start with the letters "A to E" or something like that.

Since I have no idea about DB queries and just found the above on this site, I am a bit at all loss on how to modifiy the 3rd line (4th line?) to only get those groups I want.

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