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Instead of filling yet another private data silo, instead of allowing another private company to sell my personal data, I would like to create an open garden (by opposition with the walled gardens like Facebook), i.e a blog with the ability of setting user rights on each published content, each "user" shouldn't need to be registered, I would like to use OpenID 2.0 in the meantime, until OpenID Connect is ready for prime time. I can't change the world in one day, that's why it seems more viable to me to allow people to register with an email address or an existing account compatible with OpenID.

In the past, I looked at BuddyPress and a bit at Diaspora but the former isn't designed for decentralized use. I posted a comment that explains a part of what I would like to do:

In your humble opinion, is Elgg the right tool to build an open decentralized social network for macro and micro-blogging? This isn't just an idea, I'm engineer in computer science, I created the first blueprint of the website, I rewrote an online software used in French public social centers to manage the flats, I did most of the port of Java3D to JOGL 2.0, I ported Jeti to Lucene 3, ... I consider that commercial online dating websites would be no longer necessary if people could manage several "identities" and share personal data safely. Moreover, I hate the censorship and I think we really need more and more decentralized tools. We need to take back the control on our data. Is it possible to use Elgg with an existing CMS like Wordpress or Drupal?

Best regards.

  • No, Elgg is not in its current form a good decentralized social networking platform. Much more would need to be done before that could happen. It's something that sounds cool in theory but takes a ton of work for sometimes questionable value add. 

    That said, I do think Elgg is solid social software, and keeps getting better, and I'd love your suggestions on how to move to a more decentralized model. 

    It's generally not encouraged to try to use Elgg alongside Drupal or WordPress, but it's possible. 

  • Thank you for your reply. I already have 225 articles in my Wordpress blog, I have nothing against a migration to but why is it generally not encouraged to use Elgg with this CMS?


  • elgg is a social network......wordpress is a blog....

  • I already know that but some features of Elgg would be interesting for blogging too and the frontier between blogs and social networks shouldn't be very important.

  • hi @gouessej 

    elgg cannot be used with another cms by any means

    elgg is independent social networking engine and you do not need any other cms to be integrated with elgg because elgg is full featured comes with social bookmarking, microblogging and so many features out of the box and there are tons of plugins available out their to customize it . and you can create your plugins and extend elgg features . you can do anything with elgg and its plugin.

    and elgg is better than other cms for your project . in drupal you need to install many plugins to get functionality which is available in elgg out of the box.

    and your idea of decentralized social network is really awesome. I hope to see you rise to fame like zuckerbrg.

  • @gouessej 

    why is it generally not encouraged to use Elgg with this CMS?

    Why not? You can integrate Elgg with WP

  • RvR good :) I assume Elgg has changed a lot since 2011.

    yogesh n pakhale, the main problem is that Elgg isn't designed as a decentralized social network from the ground, maybe it would be better for me to look at Friendica which is written in PHP too, it already contains most of the features I need and the interesting thing is that it doesn't have a lot of success despite its numerous features. It proves that the public isn't very interested in alternatives to Facebook yet. I'm not interested in fame.

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