White page only on "Administration" - fresh setup

Just a note first, the lack of error display in Elgg is frustrating.

The problem: This is my first go at using/installing elgg and although most of it looks fantastic, I've found some frustration with getting white pages after the initial install.  I've not installed any plugins whatsoever.  I created the first user account, uploaded a profile pic, edited the profile, adn then went to the Administration tab. As soon as I hit that I get a white page.  The error_log shows nothing helpful from what I can see and the lack of actual PHP errors or any other helpful errors to explain what is going on is frustrating (as mentioned). 

Any ideas on this?

  • I just couple of hours ago went through the same hassle of having no php errors while getting white page. I discovered the .htaccess turned off the display_errors. Open the .htaccess file and search for the line:

            php_value display_errors 0

    Change it to this:

            # php_value display_errors 0

    And you'll get the PHP error messages.


  • Ah, no... the problem was that I gave my initial user the username "admin".  That should be restricted somehow... that's a stupid problem to even be allowed to have.

    Anyway, thanks for "Just Trying". :)