Elgg does not close properly

When logout no back to index page, return to activity page and when I press on any link is when he tells me that the session is closed.

any idea? Thanks!!

  • I did not understand your question too. Google translator is not very specific.
    but from what I understand, you have problems with redirection links. Try to work with the LoginRedirector 1.8

    If it is not helpful to you, try to check the error logs. Maybe some other plugin is conflicting with outrou plugin causing this error.



  • I have disabled plugins one by one and the problem persists, when logout does not appear index page appear activity page and when I click any link it tells me when I have to log in.

  • Does it only happen after you have been logged in and then log out that you see the error "you need to logged in..." or do you get the same error also already when you have not yet logged in before (since you started your browser)? If you see the error regardless if you have been logged in before or not, your site might be set up in the walled-garden mode (= "Restrict pages to logged in users"). This is a setting you can configure on the Advanced Settings page.

    Has the behaviour with the redirect after logout and the error message when clicking on a link always been the same or has it only started recently (maybe after an upgrade / adding a plugin)? Which version of Elgg are you using currently? Have you verified if the behaviour stays the same by disabling really ALL plugins or have you tested it only by disabling a few so far? Have you also disabled your theme plugin if you use one?

  • Thanks @iionly @OGabrielFellype problem solved, when i have disabled plugins one by one i did with the last installed and the problem its a old plugin. "Membre self delete" i placed first in the list of plugins and seems to have solved the problem

    Sorry for my bad english


  • No problem, Joaquim. We are here to help you. Glad you managed to solve your problem. Sorry for bad english too. I am Brazilian and my English is very bad.  ;DDDD

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