Looking for a developer to finish my elgg site


My name is Artur Vieira and I'm doing my thesis and using elgg to do it. My project is a social network with 3 different types of users (Doctors, Patients, Researchers)

I want a developer with a resonable price (because I'm still a student) to do this points that I need to finish.

Tab Member
->Doctors should follow patients instead of being friends. I think that is already done, but I can't "get" that information in other sections that i need it.
Tab Agenda 
-> The doctors need to have a possibility to add patients to events that they create
Tab researches: This is a custom item that I made to my thesis, but I don't know how to complete all the requirements that my teacher wants
-> Step 2/3: -> In filtering, when a User Doctor selects patients should appear only the patients that he are following
-> Why after creating a research, when I create a new one appears the data from the previous research
->Put the social network able to receive "new trainings" that will come with their own variables to be applied in researches, and present the results throw graphics.
-> Do a custom "game" in flash or java to test the previous functionality
-> When clicking in a researcher, put that page operational
-> Put the analisis of the results, the graphics, and the export to excel and pdf operational
-> Completion (% of users that are doing the research)
-> Turn the social network buttons functional, even on to register
-> Add widgets: Forums; event calendar, latest trainings to the front page after log in


Artur Vieira
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Professional Services

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