Official CHAT for Elgg 1.8/1.9?

Hi everybody,

I searched through the community and found many chat plugins but would like to ask you all if there's any comparison made and if core developers feel like suggesting the best option (minimum server load, private/public chatrooms,..).

Don't you guys think this should be a plugin worth a community effort?


  • Elgg 1.9 is not offically released my friend, well as far as i know Ismayil can able to make that! he is good developer and friendly!

  • elgg may remove this link as i am not paying a commisssion to advertise it,

  • @UK, one thing to mention it Ina discussion, the other is to flood forums and hijack threads.

    @Liang, Ismayil is friendly but busy at the moment.

  • :) @Liang yeah I know but would be nice to know if there's already some tests going on this matter. I know he friendly? :D just joking Ismayil you know... ;)

    @UK thanks, I saw your link just like (all?) others but what I (and maybe somebody else here in the community) am looking for is some kind of comparison on server load/plugins conflicts etc.

    Please don't say "Try and compare by yourself"....I am just wondering if someone has data to start from not to begin from scratch ;)

  • ismyil hes not very friendly today usually he is lol, my link is hosted by me will save you bandwidth and cpu etc and its free your best bet ;) i own the server its running on i have a server dedicated to the irc try you will see how fast it is, otherwise try bottom chat but you gotta host that yourself and it will kill your hosting . server

    go to its easy click add chat to your website top left corner instructions are on the site all you do is add some html code

  • If you go with the IRC route, it is not very user friendly with mobile users.

  • chats i have tested:

    various version of 'bottom_bar' - is integrated in with elgg user names and some other features - still has bugs and no active coder is 'owning' the code currently.

    barc - is probably a decent chat system but is a 3rd party service, so not guaranteed private or secure.

    freichat - has some elgg integration, like bottom_bar - is also buggy.

    videowhisper - requires installation or use of a media server such as red5. is free and supports group video chats. i am currently testing - have found some bugs, but overall so far is the best free one i have found that is integrated properly into elgg (e.g. uses elgg usernames and lets users create rooms which are integrated into elgg's entity/search structures.

    arrowchat/cometchat = paid services that look to match the type of facebook chat features. probably a good choice if you will use money for them.

  • @UK - We don't allow any advertising on the community site, which you should know because you have been warned about 4 times already. Your other post was removed because it was blatant and unsolicited advertising. Please don't spread misinformation about paying commission to allow ads here.

  • To the question, if you're going the IRC route you can put Freenode's web-client for their IRC network in an iframe: