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I'm using Site Wide Categories plugin right now, can someone show me some ways how it works!! 

Really thanks!!

  • go to the admin panel click on settings, select Site Wide Categorie from the drop down menu

  • I already added some categories!!

    but when I try to list all my categories using www.elgg_site/categories

    nothing appears!! or am I missing something?

  • Well, you won't see that. Categories don't work like that, you will see the content uploaded that is in a category.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • I know, its a little counterintuitive for those of use used to adding categories and then expects for something to appear, like a navigational list with a tree of hmmm, i don't know.. maybe OUR CATEGORIES! hahaha -- hypecategories does that thank god.  I am still at a loss as to how the hell this works -- where is a landing page where you would hypothetically see a blog or pic in a category?  I do see that my blog nor pic has that attached to it, but for the life of me cannot find where I would go to see all blogs that have a "restaurant" category -- pretty hilarious.

  • Hey Rodolfo can you point me to where you have one in action?  Because I also did that renaming the categories plugin and have my renamed plugin, but similarly cannot for the life of me figure out how to see it, let alone finagle it into my wire.  Thanks!

  • Have a look at this alternative plugin:

    Which is much closer to what I think side wide categories should be.

  • Thanks, I have that plugin, its the core one that I have no idea how it looks.  I don't see how it is much different than tags other than they are predefined -- not really useful as a navigational tool.  RJ said he incorported it with his wire, and I was envisioning a dropdown or something that perhaps I was missing in the core category plugin,  I could never seem to get a grasp on how that looked and what he did sounded interesting.

  • Since we are speaking somewhat of hypecategories, I DO have an issue with NESTED categories on my INPUT pages.  If they are at the top, its fine -- there are multiple checkboxes, but when they are nested, my tree doesn't expand to lower levels and don't show any checkboxes.  Anyone come across this?

  • Found my problem, ckeditor doesnt work with hypecategories and blocks my tree from expanding on the input pages.

  • Has anyone gotten the site wide categories (core site wide categories plugin) to display in the river?

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