Prevent widget moving, deleting(and also settings change) in the profile page

i tested downloading Widget manager version 4.7 but i didn't figure out how to lock the widgets, preventing the deletion and the changing of settings.
What could i do?
PS: I just need to do this in the profile page.
Thank you.

  • You need to define which widgets can't get removed in the plugin settings on your site ("Configure" - "Widgets" - "Default Widgets"). You will see a pin in the header section of the widgets you add to the default wigdet configuration. Click on the pin to "fix" the corresponding widget. If you already have an existing default widget configuration that was created before starting to use the Widget Manager plugin you will have to remove and then add again the widgets though. Otherwise the "fixing" of widgets won't work. The default configuration will also only work for newly created accounts after you defined the default widget configuration but not for existing acconts. Also, for testing it you need to know that you should test it using a normal account and not an admin account because you will still be able to manipulate the widgets on profile pages as admin.

  • Perfect, managed to do this.
    One of the users' widget is galliGoogleMaps and i need, for each user, to get their coords(they should register their location using the widget).
    Locking all the widgets disables the customization can i activate the icon for the location widget only?
    thank you

  • I think it's currently not possible to edit the widget settings of fixed widgets. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional. I would suggest to ask on the Widget Manager plugin page if this problem can be fixed (i.e. in case it's indeed a bug to only hide the remove button but not the edit option) or if it's not possible to only remove the option to delete the widget.