Any Notification plugin that has minimum scalability issues?

The  Notifier plugin is very useful but on installation gives this message

"Warning! Having notifier enabled for many users may result in a lot of writes to the database. Therefore it doesn't scale well for large sites."

Is this problem exisitng with the core Notification mod also? How is the live_notifications mod in this respect?

Any other free/paid Notification mod (if with ajax more good) you know that has no scalabilty issues?

  • Any kind of notifications may cause scalability problems in Elgg 1.8 because the notifications are sent immediately.

    Lets consider a situation when user has 100 000 friends and all of those friends have subscriped to receive email and notifier notifications when the user creates new content. When the user saved a new blog post, s/he has to wait until all those 100 000 emails have been sent and 100 000 notifier notifications have been saved to the database.

    This may seem like a small eternity. And in the worst case it may be impossible for the server to even send all of them successfully.

    However in Elgg 1.9 the notifications system will be asynchonous. This means that the notifications will not be created immediately, but instead the event "User A created a blog" is saved into a queue. The queue is processed later, so this will allow the user to keep using the site immediately instead of having to wait.

    I am the author of the notifier plugin and I've already started the work on updating it to use the new notifications system. The coming version of notifier should be much more scalable than the current one! :)

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  • Thanks - an Elgg 1.9 version will be great and will greatly benefit me. I beleive some sort of backport, if at all possible, will be beneficial also as many sites will still need to stay in 1.8 as all mods are not getting updated for 1.9 (for example "Follow me", an essential for some sites, has announced there will be no 1.9 version).

    It will also be very very useful if two things are considered for inlusion in 1.8/1.9/both versions

    - ajax update of the number in red in the top bar
    - direct linking of notification to the target comment rather than target page

    I am mentioning this here because this may also cause performance & scalabilty issues which may be taken into consideration

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