Elgg Licensing

TL;DR: How to accomodate Thematic Networks' SAAS setup with community-oriented free software development?

The context

Elgg core is released under a dual-license that provides compatibility with AGPLv3+ and GPLv3+ free-software-friendly development. But Elgg core plugins, such as groups, are released under an exclusive GPLv2 license that is incompatible with the above-mentioned licenses.

The problem

That situation leads to a conflict of interest between one of the copyright holders, Thematic Networks, that offers the "Software As A Service" proprietary platform Elgg.com, and the free software community willing to distribute freedom-friendly code under the (A)GPLv3+ licenses.


This discussion is to gather community feedback regarding potential solutions that accommodate all parties. Among the possibilities already mentioned in various issues on Github:

  1. change Elgg's license to GPLv2-or-later in the 2.0 release
  2. include core plugins into the MIT(X11) release
  3. rewrite core plugins and release them under (A)GPLv3


Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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