elgg needs hosting themes wordpress has 100's

Is there any plans for elgg to release hosting themes?

Hosting themes for people selling hosting, i have 2 elgg hosting sites there looking nice and elgg works very well with them, would love to see some themes for hosting!

  • This isn't something the core devs would do because it's so specific to a certain use case, so it'd be up to 3rd party theme authors like yourself to share what you've made.

  • i see would be nice if you guys could release just 1 hosting theme even if its really basic : ) 1 is better than 0 and it maybe not 100 hosting themes but tis 1 theme at least maybe someone will make 1 but i highly dought it

  • Not sure what you mean by "hosting" themes

  • He means a theme that's specific for hosting providers. Like indeed WP has many.

    But... I don't think an Elgg theme developer will ever do this 'just for the community' because you are probably the first who uses this social network engine as a CMS for a hosting provider website, and I don't think many others will follow.
    Not that it's not an interesting approach, I do like the idea, but it's definately the 'hard way' to make your site if you don't know code, because there are other ready to use frameworks and scripts that do exactly that.

    I suppose your best option for now is to hire a themedev, make it yourself, or wait untill somebody else has the same idea to work with Elgg for this, makes it, and offres it to the community.

  • Are you posting this as a job offer or free handout wanted? This is for your business right?

  • free hanout wanted lol yeh for my business but as dries said there are 100's available on other platforms though i am happy with editing other themes etc and using elgg standard theme and working with it, just wondered if maybe someone wanted to give it a go like maybe the people who are running elgg lol ^_^

  • There are probably 1000x more theme developers working in WordPress, so if there are only hundreds of these themes it makes sense that there may not be any for Elgg.

  • Just saying you must remember the size of WordPress' ecosystem. It's monstrous.

  • ah i see well worth asking as there is not 1 single hsoting theme, elgg is excellent for a hsoting theme works really well for me : )