A plugin to help deal with dos attacks and other hack attacks

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There are certain plugins available for other cms's which help beef up the security i asked about this about 5 months ago and no one or mainly the core team has focused on this or maybe they have and i dont know about it? is there any plugins coming to elgg to help prevent these things happening if not prevent then at least slow it down in any way possible even the smallest thing?

  • I think you should protect your server against DOS attacks instead of elgg

  • If you wish to protect your site from DDOS attacks anything that is done in Elgg is too late. The goal of a DDOS attack is to overload the webserver, so you need to make sure the attackers don't get that far.

    The are special appliances to help prevent this, also there are webservices which offer this protection (for example CloudFlare https://www.cloudflare.com/overview)

  • problem is cloudflare dont work well with hosting companys

  • thanks for the replys : ) every little helps i use cloudflare on most of my sites though on my hosting sites i have to reply on my host for keeping my servers safe which does well not been hacked yet but could happen any time 

  • We fix security issues as they are discovered or reported, but we can't make the server itself any more secure.

    Our biggest issue is dealing with spammers better in core. There are a number of anti-spam plugins available, and 1.9 will ship with registration disabled by default, so we're taking steps in that area.

    I'm not sure what other types of attacks you're worried about.

  • I see thanks for the info, could you provide any tips for using elgg for hosting sites? i have blogs disabled that is what the spammers go for as i dont get any spam with blogs disabled. Thougj my othet blog elgg sites hardly get spam so spam is not my prob just looking for tips etc like plugins i could use, i use elgg for everything even basic sites this thread is mainly jist for tips for using elgg for reseller hosting and also wondering what plugins could help me with that and others, i have a few elgg hosting sites now i would say elgg is veru good for this infact perfect if you are used too elgg cms, it also helps with security too in a few ways. Would love to see a plugin or theme dedicated to elgg for hosting sites

  • If you are with a hosting company, you could ask them if the server is protected against such attacks. If you have your own server set up, better research how to protect it from that.

    If you are getting hit so much by spammers, I strongly recommend watching where the attacks are coming from, so that you can block the country with the Spam Login Filter (I blocked Certain countries and it is all good now)

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • thanks RJ  what countrys did you block? 

  • thanks RJ  what countrys did you block? 

  • @UK I won't mention countries in public, for security reasons. Last time I did (5 years ago) we were being targeted with attacks. Not successful attacks but still.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison