How to modify thumbnail image size by Embed plugin

The Embed plugin crops any rectangular image (thus cutting out parts of the photo that may be vital) into a square - thumbnail is okay but how can we force it to keep the original size ratio?
Is this controlled by any file in the "Embed" folder? I seem not to find - please help.
Or is it controlled by "Files" plugin?

The existing issues offer no solution

I guess if someone can tell the file where the image is getting cropped we can turn that off.


  • This need to be done in the action for the file upload, the function is called:

    There is a function which control how the image is cropped but when I have used this I found that is was pretty runidemntray.


    When you call the file handler for an image you pass an array, this array includes the image size, the elgg default image sizes are:

    'master', 'large', 'medium', 'small', 'tiny', 'topbar'

    If you use master as the size you will get the orginal file without cropping or you can register a new image size