Page owner for a group profile page?

I'm getting stuck trying to find the group entity from a group profile page (Elgg 1.8.18). I have a function, called from start.php, that relies on:


It works perfectly for any group page apart from the main group profile page, which returns nothing at all - it appears that the group profile page has no owner. Is there a better way to identify the group to which a group profile page belongs?



  • I would assume the page owner should be the group, if not I would consider that a bug.  If this is the case can you make a report on github please?

    As a 'for now' fix I would hook into the route, groups plugin hook and check that the profile page is being loaded, if so, set the page owner yourself from the guid.

  • Thanks Matt

    I'm glad it *should* work - it did seem the archetypal group-owned page so it seemed odd. I will investigate further to make sure it's not a site-specific issue before reporting.

    I'll try the plugin hook route, thanks.



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