Code-freeze on 1.9?

It will be great if a code-freeze is announced on the elgg org blog home page so that plugin/mod/theme makers can start offering alpha/beta versions of the much needed plugins. Many existing plugins which are very essential seem to be not working with Elgg 1.9, for example

Friend Request
Live notifications/ajax update of river?comments
Video embed plugins/mods
Geolocation plugins/mods
Chat plugins/mods

It will be also great if the new CK editor can be configurable by admin, for example:
plain mode for comments, rich mode for main posts
"view more" for loooong comments in the river, that gets displayed under main activity bits

BTW, with the new 1.9 can users delete their own items from river (river only, as appears in profile or main page) according to wish?

  • (This was originally posted as a comment on the State of Elgg 2013 blog post. I moved it here.)

  • There are features sitting in pull requests that may be accepted but there are no more big API changes. This is a good time for plugin devs to kick the tires and at least test their 1.8 plugins for compatibility. If you rely heavily on particular plugin(s), you should do your own testing on a fresh 1.9 install and provide feedback to the plugin authors. The core team can't possibly test every plugin out there.

  • Yes, sure, thanks.  Core team cannot test every plugin for sure, and thats not possible.
    A few days ago one of the plugin developers said they are reluctant to release 1.9 compatible alpha / beta as code may change - so it will be nice now if they know there is sort of code freeze. They can know this if this is now announced by the core team prominently. As well as users like me will post in the appropriate channels letting the devs know which plugins are working to what extent or not at all with Elgg 1.9

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