One domain/subdomain for each elgg group

I´ve a Elgg installation in my domain, but I need to access to some elgg groups from other domain/subdomain:  <-

I dont want a redirection, or IFRAME, and I need to navigate throught the group content from the new domain (preserving the url of the new domain)

I´ve tested with some apache configuration but without results.

Can it be possible?, Somebody can help me with this problem?, I accept a cotization for this service



  • I think the best you could do is to have be the "global" domain and have subdomains like You'd have to alter the session cookie domain to ""; configure Apache to use a wildcard subdomain; and parse the hostname and alter the URLs before they hit Elgg.

    The bigger challenge is that there are tons of URLs within groups that would need to be altered to have the group subdomain. This would be a huge mess of work and probably introduce a ton of bugs.