No UI changes for 1.9 / Feature Freeze? / 2.0

We'd like for almost all 1.8 plugins, including themes, to just work on 1.9, so we're trying to make as few front end changes as we can get away with, and definitely the pressure to get 1.9 out makes it harder to spend the time evaluating these changes. So please don't be offended if your pull request(s) gets bumped to the 1.10 milestone. (You can get a decent picture of 1.9 in the CHANGES file. We're trying to keep this more up-to-date as we go along.)

I think we should consider a cut-off date for new 1.9 features/APIs or any minor bugfixes that have the potential to cause regressions/other problems. This is going to bum out some of us, but otherwise we're going to continue the cycle of adding features/fixing the resulting regressions.

There's a lot of pent up demand for a UI/UX overhaul and 1.10 has the potential to more radically change Elgg in ways that will not be very BC for front-end heavy plugins. By the rules of semantic versioning this makes think 1.10 should actually be 2.0.

  • no.......offence.....keep up your good work @steve clay...and core team

  • Good, you'd have to draw the line somewhere.

    I'm looking forward to the final 1.9 and I am very curious how current plugins and themes available will interact with it.

  • By what I've learned during testing and updating my plugins for Elgg 1.9 you can't expect all existing plugins to work on Elgg 1.9 without modifications already with the "few" front end and API changes. Some plugins will do but the more complex a plugin is the more likely the Elgg 1.8 version won't work without modifications. Almost for sure changes are necessary in plugins that were originally written for an Elgg version < 1.8 and only briefly updated to work on Elgg 1.8. Any deprecated functions still used did not cause much issues on Elgg 1.8 but they will now on Elgg 1.9.

  • Agreed on freezing 1.9 for features at this point. We need to work on BC and stability and get something shipped.

    Agreed that if we are going to break UI BC 1.8-style we should call it 2.0.

    We could still put BC-friendly improvements in the 1.x branch in the mean time.

  • @iionly -- Please continue to report bugs you run into. We really do want this do be a solid and smooth release. With the exception of anything comments/discussion related, which is expected to break because of the data migration.

  • I think it would be a good idea also to keep 1.8 on Softaculous when 1.9 aka 2.0 comes out.

    Wordpress and joomla has most of their versions on there as a optional cause some people be wanting a certain older version to install.  So I think ELGG would do great if they did this as well.

    Cause newer is not always better to some.

  • @AnonGlobalNet_4576 All the previous Elgg versions will always be available here:

  • Juho Jaakkola not everybody knows how to install elgg from a downloaded package.  This is why lots use Softaculous. because the Softaculous installer does it for them.

  • @anonglobalnetwork: it's not Elgg or the Elgg devs who can decide which versions of Elgg are supported by Softaculous. Softaculous is a generic auto-installer and the Softaculous company decides which software they support and also which versions of the software. In addition it's the Webhosting company who decides if they offer Softaculous at all and which version of Softaculous they offer. If you rely on Softaculous instead of installing Elgg (or anything else) on your own you have to accept that you might be restricted in what versions of the software you are able to install. You might not be offered older versions anymore or (even worse) you might not be able to install/upgrade to newer versions as soon as they are published which might be risky if there are security fixes.

    Installing Elgg on your own might be slightly more complicated than installing it via Softaculous but it's not too hard to learn either. If you know how to install / upgrade Elgg independently of Softaculous you gain more control and it might be an advantage to know how to help yourself in case you ever get issues with some version of Elgg or any compatibility issues with 3rd party plugins.

  • @anonglobalnetwork Manual installation is not that hard. Also, you should always keep your software up to date, for security reasons.

    Some companies keep older versions available in Softaculous. Softaculous is a powerful software, and using it for installing elgg (or any cms) is a very useful. One click backups, restores, elgg version upgrade.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

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