Can not add a profile picture with a new site please any advice?

this maybe due to using free hosting? but seems unlikely to be honest?  the site is

I have uploaded sucsessfully no error but profile picture does not show or shows a questionmark ?

Please give advice or a soloution if possible? you can just signup no email activation and check your self though i will save you time in dong that by providing a error i had but also this error showed 1 time then the next time it did not show hmm?

Server timeout waiting for the HTTP request from the client

  • can i check the error log within elgg? sorry about all these question i never get these prob thats why i dont know much

  • Configure php directives 

    I found this in cpanel 
    PHP directives for

    Display Errors Off  On

    so i should set that to on?

  • i am not sure how to check the server error logs? 

  • i turned them on through that setting but i just see this when trying to upload a photo or it uploads and no photo shows just shows a question mark

    Request Time-out

    Server timeout waiting for the HTTP request from the client.

  • You should not enable visible error reporting on a public site. It may expose vulnerabilities to crackers. The error reporting does not have to be enabled in order to access the error logs.

    The server logs are not directly related to Elgg. That's why they're called "server logs" and not "Elgg logs". Ask the hosting company how you can access the logs.

  • i dont have that option with the free cpanel this is the prob with free hosting and elgg lol elgg is just for testing sites on free hosting not running them as a full blown site lol oh well if anyone else can recommend a fix please let me know though i dont really see a fix to this issue due to using free hosting : ) thanks juho i just changed it back lol i didnt know that learnt something new today besides configuring elgg 

  • None of your problems should have to do with the fact that your hosting is free.
    If your free hoster doesn't even allow you to check the error log, please move on to a different free host...there is more fish in the sea then you could ever eat. I have never seen a free hosting company that offred cPanel, but didn't give you the ability to check the error logs, it makes absolutely no sense.

    But from what I understand, you are the 'owner' of this free hosting company? Why do you block yourself from using your own service properly?

  • Can you get shell access to the server? On some hosting services you get one when you enable FTP access. The same username and password can then be used for SSH.

  • lol you got me there i am still learning i will have to check the configuration i think i do have error logs somewhere lol i dont know about that juho your getting very advanced now lol i think i better take this up with my server admins as i rent from them as a reseller special agreement its very complicated the way i run my free hosting some things i cant change i am gonna have to check this all out now as this seems to be a big issue i will have this fixed