some enhancements for tidypics - anyone have any more?

recently i have made the following fixes/enhancements to tidypics here:

  • fixed: friends list was not showing albums from all friends
  • fixed: owner and friends lists were not rendered in a tidypics-gallery element
  • fixed: album image count now has plural/singular labels instead of saying '1 images' it says '1 image'.
  • enhancement: updated highslide slideshow plugin to use more features and be more customisable (including many bugfixes)
  • enhancement: changed layout of gallery to use columns (similar to pinterest).
  • enhancement: tidied up the album layout/ labels.
  • enhancement: (unfinished) - built a filter system to refine which albums/images are shown - by date, tagging and other options (intended to be used via an ajax plugin like supajax (which is currently unfinished).
  • enhancement: add 'masonry' style javascript to ensure images/gallerys are rendered in a balanced way.

iionly mentioned the idea of using a slidewow from in place of highslide.

does anyone else have any tidypics fixes/enhancements that they have coded, that we might benefit from adding to the core version of tidypics?

sharing is helpful since we all benefit and do not duplicate our time/tasks.