Elgg Android Application

Hay all,

I was trying this Elgg Android Application: https://github.com/josealopezpastor/ElggAndroidClient

but I am not able to logg into my account. I just get "Registration failure".

I've put my Elgg adress into the code, build an APK, installed it on my phone and it just doesn' work. I am using the lates Elgg version.

Are there anny other applications that work or can somebody help me with that.

Thanx and have a nice day. 

  • download web service pack (by coldtrick) from github and enable web_serivce pack

  • I've downloaded WSP from github, put it into the mod folder, and activated it via admin console, but the Android app still doesn't login.

    I have set the adress in the code like this:

    /**Change URL and strablish the appropiate*/
    public static final String MAIN_URL = "http://beta.mydomain.eu";


    Is maybe something wrong with the adress?