Uservalidation by email. Wrong url in mail

I have two elgg installed one is live and on is the sandbox and suddeltly both of them supply the wrong verification link in email to registered uses.

I have had user validation by admin active for a periode. Is that what did it?

Can someone tell me how to fix this, please?


  • Have you updated your sites recently? With Elgg 1.8.17 a change in the site secret key to increase security was introduced. After regenerating the site secret (admin area of your site should offer this option) the validation emails and invitations that rely on the site secret and were sent before the update of the secret key are no longer valid. Any validation emails sent after updating the secret key should work again though. I don't know if the validationbyadmin plugin fails to work after the update of the site secret - I thought it wouldn't sent validation emails at all.

  • I'm on version 1.8.14 and it was installed about 3 weeks ago and I have in those weeks installed the plugins and tried different options. Everything was working fine last week on the same installation.

    I can not face having to upgrade and test it all again right now so I am hoping there is a solution for my version.

  • When you say wrong link - is it the code that's invalid or is it actually generating the wrong url?

  • The url for the site is good but it seems to be something after that doesn't work. When clicking on it it say "you have to be registered to see this page"