Adding "Latest videos" to Widget Manager Custom Index

I want to add a "Latest videos" widget on widget manager custom index. Problem is that I managed to create the widget but it does not display any latest videos. The videos plugin I'm using is Webgalli's "videos"

What I did was to create "index_videos" folder in widget_manager\widgets\ and then a "start.php" file in \widget_manager\widgets\index_videos. The content of the \widget_manager\widgets\index_videos\start.php file is the following:


/* init file for index_videos widget */

function widget_index_videos_init(){
elgg_register_widget_type("index_videos", elgg_echo("videos"), elgg_echo("widget_manager:widgets:index_videos:description"), "index", true);
elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('widget_url', 'widget_manager', "widget_index_videos_url");

function widget_index_videos_url($hook_name, $entity_type, $return_value, $params){
$result = $return_value;
$widget = $params["entity"];
if(empty($result) && ($widget instanceof ElggWidget) && $widget->handler == "index_videos"){
$result = "/videos/all";
return $result;

elgg_register_event_handler("widgets_init", "widget_manager", "widget_index_videos_init");


In fact what I did was to copy paste the index_bookmards folder and its start.php file and replace "bookmarks" with "videos". The result is that a videos widget appears on the widget selection screen but when selected it does not display the latest videos.

Any help would be appreciated!


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