Changing database table name

I am considering using elgg as the basis for the social network on a website (

basically I'll install it as almost a separate site (on a subdomain e.g.

Now the problem: -I'm adding this to an existing site, so I do user registration through the site I have already made. This means I have a users table in my database. -Elgg has a users table also (different name of course), as it comes with its own registration system. But i need it to read from mine.

The question: How can I change the table the elgg reads users from (I'll add all the fields elgg needs to my users table)? I'v tried modifying it in a few places in the source code but it keeps saying fatal error. So where do I change the name of the table I want elgg to read the users from?

Any help is appreciated!! Thanks

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Beginning Developers

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