Any Friend Request version available that works with Elgg 1.9 ?

friend_request_v3.3.does not work, friend_request_modded_tiago8v also do not work.

Any one knowing any github link or other link that has a working version for Elgg 1.9 please share the link. A working demo will also be welcome. Thanks.

  • Elgg 1.9 is not released officially so i recommend you that don't use Elgg 1.9 development version

  • I am using it for test purpose only. If the essential plugins are 1.9 ready we can all catch up with the latest stuff fast. The main point in using 1.9 is its mobile-ready theme and gallery plugin which has already a 1.9 working version.

  • In Elgg 1.9 there isn't much code change so as far as i know all plugins will work on Elgg 1.9

  • Thats true but friend_request_v3.3.does not work, friend_request_modded_tiago8v also do not work in Elgg 1.0

  • If the 1.9 release is anything like 1.8 - there won't be many plugins for it until an official (non-RC) gets published.  This is due to developers not wanting to release plugins that might not work on the next RC release due to a still-changing API.  Additionally many developers (such as myself) have ongoing projects that are currently on 1.8, so efforts are still focused there.  Once an official release gets done the existing important plugins will get upgraded fairly quickly.