Event Calendar Sometimes There Sometimes Not

Hi all,

First off, I love the event calendar and it works for me for the most part.  I did notice however, and wondered if it happened to anyone else, that sometimes my calendars don't show up at all -- not even a blank calendar -- just a blank space where the calendar sometimes is, tabs are there, but nothing else, no arrows, no dates, months, nothing.  My events do show up in my widget however.  If I log out, a calendar is presented, but not upon logging in.  Could it be a session thing? I need for the calendar to show up reliably and this has happend twice already in 3 days.  I reinstalled the calendar again twice and it came back the second time, but now gone again.

Any insight would be appreciated.  Searched everywhere for any solution but even typing in the right search terms is difficult, as "event calendar blank", "event calendar doesn't show" obviously will yield no result, so I came here. 

It seems to be a display thing, because when I click on my tabs, I can notice it querying by the lag, so I tend to think its a display issue.


  • Hi Kevin and all,

    After poking around the code, found that it's the River Addon that interferes with it, when the left column is enabled.  I'll need to fuss with that code (probably the closing divs I guess) to fix the appearance of the calendar.  Kevin, my PM for the other issue is still open, thanks for your help and consideration.


  • Update: FWIW, It's Editable Comments  to be wary of, not River Addon, the problem is Editable Comments - for me the newest event calendar cannot work with editable comments.

  • Kepa, I don't understand what you are saying. Do you think that there is a bug in the event calendar or in some other plugin?