Event Calendar Sometimes There Sometimes Not

Hi all,

First off, I love the event calendar and it works for me for the most part.  I did notice however, and wondered if it happened to anyone else, that sometimes my calendars don't show up at all -- not even a blank calendar -- just a blank space where the calendar sometimes is, tabs are there, but nothing else, no arrows, no dates, months, nothing.  My events do show up in my widget however.  If I log out, a calendar is presented, but not upon logging in.  Could it be a session thing? I need for the calendar to show up reliably and this has happend twice already in 3 days.  I reinstalled the calendar again twice and it came back the second time, but now gone again.

Any insight would be appreciated.  Searched everywhere for any solution but even typing in the right search terms is difficult, as "event calendar blank", "event calendar doesn't show" obviously will yield no result, so I came here. 

It seems to be a display thing, because when I click on my tabs, I can notice it querying by the lag, so I tend to think its a display issue.


  • Hi Kepa,

    No one has ever reported that problem before. It would be useful to know:

    a. where did you get the event calendar version you are running,?

    b. what version of Elgg are you using, and

    c. what browser are you using? When the calendar does not display, do you see any JavaScript errors? Are there any relevant errors in your PHP log?

  • Hi Kevin,

    I got the FULL one from the elgg site, but my events seemed to have disappeared, so I did the one from github, but disabled and deleted that one because I had problems (the form would error when trying to add, "all fields required" or something to that effect, even though they were all filled in), so reinstalled the FULL one from the elgg site, took off the "required" fields check just to be safe, and I had no errors anymore like when first installed and no problems when added events. But now the events disappeared again, or rather don't show.   They do exist tho as they are in the widget.  Here are my specs;

    Elgg 1.8.17

    Safari on one laptop and Firefox on the other.

    The calendar does show up when NOT logged in, I just realized and boy do I miss it, with the events showing in the calendar (that was an issue at times too with the very first install, they would show at times and not show at others even though the grid would show -- another reaons why I looked for the one from github before).

    But no javascript errors this time tho, either when logged or not logged in.  All loads fine when logged in, except just beneath the tabs, below that thin line, a blank whitespace where the arrows, calendar title, and the month week day buttons and calendar grid usually would be. I want to think its a javascript issue, but can't for the life of me figure out why it worked one moment and then not the next.

    Thank you for responding, your stuff is great. I'll keep digging to see if I have any errors anywhere, but I haven't seen any yet in any logs or spit out on any page.


  • I have no 1.8 plugins on the Elgg site.

    The correct github respository is here:


  • I have the full one, I guess I could have gotten it from github  -- installed so many from elgg and so few from github, but it does indded say FULL.  Didn't need to be renamed when installed, like the other one where the master had to be deleted from the folder. The one I have is version .85, I must have gotten it from github because it does say Full and readme:

     * Manage and display events
     * @package event_calendar
     * @license http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.html GNU Public License version 2
     * @author Kevin Jardine <kevin@radagast.biz>
     * @copyright Radagast Solutions 2008-2011
     * @link http://radagast.biz/


     Note: this README.txt file is a bit outdated because it does not describe numerous
     recently added features. For more information, check the CHANGES.txt file
     or look at the event calendar settings available through Tools Administration.

    Version: 0.85

    Requires: Elgg 1.8 or higher 

    Should be installed in mod/event_calendar


    Thanks again, for any insight you can give.

  • I guess I'll bite the bullet and do a fresh event calendar install and readd the events, I'll repost if there are any issues with the new install. I hate to do it because it is so damn close...


  • Definitely redownload from the gitub link I just posted. I update the code there from time to time (and just did so a few days ago to fix a couple of bugs related to all day events).

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks again, yeah just did that from your link, but still same issues -- nothing changed.  I'll keep poking around.  Here are some screen captures, but I think you already get the message.








  • Just to clarify - the access for these events is set to public and yet they do not appear?

  • Yeah, they were all entered as public. I just pm'd you.