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I have a member who was able to create her account but not see the profile. I can see her thumbnail in my Admin dashboard, but even when I try to click it, I get that error message. I was able to use the dropdown menu from the dashboard thumbnail to send a friend request, however we're still unable to view her profile. She's user #339 and is the first time I've had this problem on this site. Any suggestions?

  • Do you have a plugin installed which overrides the registration/profile-page? If yes: try to deactivate it.

    Maybe there is an "old" object in the database with the guid 339 which should be deleted but there are still some "parts"/connections in the database. And now this guid was taken again to create the member. Can you look into the database if there are parts of an "old" object with a guid "339"?

    Where there any problems within the registration-process? Mayber the user aborted the loading of the site during the register-action and now the entry of guid 339 in the user-table is not complete and a few cols are empty? Try do delete this user (from the admin-view) and ask to register again, so the user gets a new guid.

  • GUIDs are not reused.

    The profile is loaded based on the username, are there any special characters in the username that may be causing issues in the URL?

  • hmmm she DID use dashes to separate her first, middle and last name. Could that be the issue?? If so, is there a way for me to correct that for her or do I need to delete her account and have her re-register with no dashes?


  • Dashes as "-"? The "-" character is invalid in usernames. If she managed to register an account with "-" in her username this is even a bug in Elgg as it should have stopped her from doing so.

    Has she already posted content? If not I would suggest to remove the account and ask her to register again or you could register a new account for her and send her the login password. This is most likely much easier than fixing the problem in the database.

  • cool! Thanks for the fast responses!

    She's not been able to post any content. As soon as she registered and tried to go to her profile it gave her the error message. I've deleted her and I'm getting her a new account set up without any odd characters ;)