Need Elgg Developer - Rest API Plugin

I'm looking for programmers who could develop a plugin for an Elgg site, the plugin is needed to get the portal content using a Rest API. Payment according to timing and know how.

Please let me know if you are interested. 

Thank you.

  • I can help you.  I have in the past pulled content out of a bibiligraphic database using REST services and then displayed on a website.

    Are you able to provide me with more information about the type of content you want displaying in elgg and more information about how the rest data is to be consumed by elgg.

  • Hello Dominic, the content is already in Elgg, what we need is a REST API to get this content in JSON format.


  • OK you can use the webservices API to do the basic work but then this will probably need to be extended to export your particular set of elgg entities.

    I have had experinace with this sort of development, I create a mobile app which requested JSON entity data from elgg.

    I would be happy to work on this project.  Can you PM me with the elgg URL and login detail so I can have a look at what data you want exproting from the site. 

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