NS NC - Looking for developer & designer to create an elgg site

I'm working on a social network - I have the vision, but not the technical expertise, and I'm looking to hire someone to create the framework and layout to launch within the next 3 months. 

The network will be used to unite members based on career/educational goals. Think linkedin combined with webinar capability. Also, looking to build country-specific subgroups. Estimated 30k users in year 1.


  • I'd be interested in such a project.  Please contact me if you'd like information.



  • I am interested too. I developed the online learning Spoken English website http://www.easytalkee.com based on Elgg1.8. I can be reached at xmw007@hotmail.com.

  • I can get your first test web site up and running in a day or two so you can try it yourself with your own privilege and admin right. You can continue to hire developer and designer working on your own web server, your own source code which is the centralize location. I can even setup source code revision environment for check in and check out for source code control for your development environment and advise you to move onto your QA and Production envrionment which is a professional like process. Contact me if you like: text me at: 973-573-0188 Gordon

Professional Services

Professional Services

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