VLC or Realplay or any official video player needed for elgg

Or maybe a elgg video player? please we need this plugin : ) at this time i can only play some mp4 videos would be nice for a new video player plugin wow imagine a elgg VLC media player plugin?

  • welldone job ura......keep it up

  • i got a reply from the projekktor coders - they fixed one bug i highlighted.. they have some more to fix though, before projekktor is truly friendly to use.

  • not yet, i need to do more testing with it and add some more features... i will upload an initial version once i know more about how to resolve the glitches i am seeing with projekktor and have coded the features etc.
    e.g. currently i am unable to skip ahead / back when watching video/audio on the live server (viewing the files locally is ok, since the files are stored on the local machine and are not being streamed).
    i have done everything that the projekktor coders have said i need to do to get pseudo-streaming to function.. though currently it doesn't.
    i may need to add a recoding process using avconv/ffmpeg to ensure that the videos are stored in a format that can be streamed to projekktor in a useful way.

    if anyone has any tips / experience relating to this that they can share, then i am listening.. ;)