VLC or Realplay or any official video player needed for elgg

Or maybe a elgg video player? please we need this plugin : ) at this time i can only play some mp4 videos would be nice for a new video player plugin wow imagine a elgg VLC media player plugin?

  • so i have got projekktor mostly functioning now, see here:


    i coded an embed function too.

    i still need to:

    • get proper streaming working - like youtube's video-seeking features.
    • grab a screenshot using ffmpeg
    • support building playlists
    • integrate in with videolist

    when finished, the results will be comparable to youtube.. and you can upgrade projekktor to get the missing features that youtube has.


  • @ura check out this class. You can easily create screenshots. But also a lot more like conversion of uploaded files. Ps: "Why didn't you consider HTML5 as the default video viewer instead of projekktor, which is using flash?"



        $size = '100x100';
        $start = 1;
        $frames = 10;
        $FFmpeg = new FFmpeg;
        $FFmpeg->input( '/var/www/video.mp4' )->thumb( $size , $start, $frames )->ready();
  • ah great, thanks. i already had the ffmpeg code from another page - though that class is probably easier to use.
    the issue i am having currently is how to store the thumbnail on the server, prior to it being copied into the various sizes in the elgg filestore. i started that last night.. so i will continue later.

    projekktor supports 5 or more different modes, including html5, flash, ios and more.

    the player is intended to be configured to use flash as the last resort option, so i'm not clear on why you are seeing the flash player being used.

    the sequence currently is: ['browser', 'ios', 'android', 'native', 'flash']

  • @Ura That is fantastic!!

    Quick question, is it working with the files plugin?

    Also, what was the video format? Avi, mkv?

    I'm also looking for a "VLC or RealPlay" for elgg, like stated here, because most of the video is in avi or mov.

    So would you share this with the community?

    By the way, I was watching a video, flash is disabled because of annoying ads hehe and worked as expected!

  • yes, currently, this is running from the files plugin. i intend to test and optimise the code from the files plugin and then release to the community.

    from there we can extend videolist and integrate the two together. this would produce a feature set similar to izap videos - yet better - and not requiring any api key.

    the video format for each video is shown on the page on my site - in a grey box under the title. that mars one is mp4. i have tested so far with mp4, mp3 and webm.

    compatibility for projekktor is shown here:

    there is some type of vlc plugin mode too - which is beta currently:

    extra plugins are here:

  • oh, something else that would be useful would be to make the thumbnail editable, so we could upload our own image - not just an auto generated screengrab... especially for mp3s / audio.

  • apparently not. .avi is not an optimised web format.

  • i have got the video thumbnails working with projekktor now.. i am interested to know if anyone has any problems playing the videos on their device (i already heard that the iphone player is not working correctly - though i don't have an iphone to test with).
    any feedback on this mp4 would be welcome: https://www.infiniteeureka.com/file/view/7369/nasa-mars-anomolies-fact-or-fiction

    i am focussing currently on getting http streaming to function - so that the seek feature works and we can skip directly to parts of the video.. so far i have had no joy with that.. and no feedback from the projekktor forum.