VLC or Realplay or any official video player needed for elgg

Or maybe a elgg video player? please we need this plugin : ) at this time i can only play some mp4 videos would be nice for a new video player plugin wow imagine a elgg VLC media player plugin?

  • :D awesome ideasssssssssssssssss

  • I've been using an upgraded version of veeplay and am pretty happy with it. As you know it uses the jwplayer. What's not to like?

  • i have many mroe ides lol thats how scroll back came to elgg ^_^  vplay only plays some mp4 files it is not a good video player we need vlc real player etc quick time player a player that is ready for any file also there is mediaplayer etc there the big free video players available jw is ok but it does not work to well maybe a re-coded version of v player, elgg needs a official video player or vlc elgg plugin

  • Why would you want anything other then jwplayer?
    There is no such thing as a VLC for web, you cannot compare a native application with a html5 web streaming plugin. There is a firefox and activeX plugin but that's no use for a community site, you don't want to ask your visitors to download software before they can use the video functionallity on your site.

    You just have to make sure the uploaded vids are converted in the right format before you start streaming them with your player and that requires a good server, because your server will have to convert. If you don' have a server, there is no other option then use something as youtube and let your members use their service or use jwplayer's hosting which costs money as well.

  • i understand but elgg needs a better video player asap though who will make it lol, avi mp3 mp4 divx files etc would be nice, and also now you mention it elgg needs a new youtube plugin! ^_^ the only thing is will anyone make it free, i am learning php etc when i have gotten better i will release a mass amount of plugins to elgg! 

  • i have been testing jwplayer 6 and also projekktor here with elgg.

    i am finding bugs/glitches with both of them.

    jwplayer 6:

    • does not render a volume bar when the player is rendered in compact form - to play audio.. there is a long thread in their forum about it and many people complained.. and 1 year later they didn't fix it. (possibly because if you put the player in non-compact mode and play an audio file, you see a large jwplayer logo which clicks to their site.. so this appears to be a commercial decision, rather than a useful one). (not a good look for them).
    • does not support seeking backwards and forwards with video or audio, unless a streaming protocol is activated, like rtmp. again, this appears to be a commercial decision - since jwplayer 5 supported this just fine and the streaming services that are promoted on the jwplayer site are all paid services.


    • i am seeing similar problems with projekktor - in that the seek bar is not being rendered properly - so seeking doesn't function.
    • sometimes the timer does not correctly show the time for the current file... it just stays at zero.


    overall, projekktor is probably the better one, from a free software perspective. i have opened tickets on both support forums to resolve these issues.

    they both support playing youtube files and also playlists - which is useful.. 

    however, since youtube are now censoring my comments, that makes no difference to me and i am boycotting them.



  • ah the projekktor coder just replied a few seconds after i wrote that message here.

    they know about the bugs and are going to release an update.

    if that works ok, then i will probably upload a standalone projekktor plugin to the community here for elgg.

    ultimately i want to combine this functionality with videolist somehow.

  • i am also looking at integrating a decent upload process - that includes a file resume option.. otherwise uploading larger video files on slower connections will usually fail.

    i found this list - which is useful: http://designscrazed.com/html5-jquery-file-upload-scripts/

  • looks like this is the only uploader in that list to support resume: https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload