Why both Blogs and Pages?

Right now Elggers can use both Blogs and Pages. This means one can use Pages as Blogs. I feel each should serve a distinct, not-overlapping purpose. I would like to make two suggestions (in that order):

1. An option to make Pages exclusive for Site Contents (i.e. for Admin's use only).

2. An option to make Pages exclusive for groups.



  • Why? Individual site developers can do this themselves, whereas the core currently provides the broadest range of options for everyone.

    Yes, the utilization can overlap on a production site, but as they say... if you make an umbrella rack and people buy it and use it as a hat rack, who cares? They're buying it. ;) 

  • Hi Dagorath, I enjoyed your sense humor, but what we have here is not one rack but two racks :)

    I was just wondering about a way to use one for umbrellas and the other for hats. If the 'Pages' section is left for Admin use exclusively, Elgg could serve as a CMS package as well.