uploading issue

Hello can someone take a look at this album and please tell me why and what may be happening


if you click and "download" the file image is fine.

Thank you so much

  • Why in my local the same website is working perfect and I can see all photos and not in the online case?

    Webserver configuration? There is any solution when is a shared server?

  • Server configuration makes a big different for a plugin like Tidypics. The new version will have better guidance on server configuration.

  • Hi Team,

    Great work & effors on the releases of your work, using them successfully.

    I have only 1 Issue though

    I go to upload an image, my image size is 4.97MB. Massive I know only it's due to the quality. When I browse & select it, it begines the upload however it doesn't actually upload it. The loading bar on my browser doesn't move, the message I get from the browser is "sending request to "XX". Shortly after I then get a blank white screen.

    When I go back to my albums where I wanted to upload the image to. the image isn't there at all.

    Can you please point me in the right direction, is there a maximum file size.

    Note* my images are .jpg extensions.



  • Here is a link to an image I've used for testing: http://www.ags.gov.ab.ca/publications/DIG_MAP/MAP236/M236144M.JPG

    The code should be fairly robust now (assuming you are using the 1.6 beta 1 version). The most probable cause for a white screen on upload would be maximum script time. Check the docs directory of the plugin for more information.

  • @Team

    Nice feedback ;-)

    I hope you caught my comments earlier re: ImageMagick PHP mod and CmdLine ;-)

    Those that are not server-tech savvy will need hand holding. I wonder if you could code some sort of opendir(), readdir() code to search for the CmdLine IM

    my host says the IM path is
    DomainName/. . .    /usr/bin/convert

    So TPics can scan ../../ etc to usr/bin for iM and load the path when IM is found.

    My clients and I have seen NO PROBLEMS with 1.6 B1 so far .. handles anything I throw at it ;-)
    You want a JAva Applet Viewer for those who want TidyPics to not allow *any downloadable images ?