Missing Images

Hi All,
I have opened my site today and all the profile, groups and videos (i think all generated images) are not showing i see the default icon for the profile and a broken image for the videos.
Any ideas?
Thanks I’m very desperate

  • What is your site? Check all the links to media, in web files and db.

  • Posted this in your other post, suEXEC breaks elgg, if the data folder is out of the root (as it should be). So your host may have recompiled php.

  • Hello Kaspelon!
    I'm having the same problem as you were having. I'm losing my avatar icons, album photos, video icons  after a period of time. Have you hopefully solved your problem? Would you please let me know the solution by email: abba@fcmail.sytes.net

    Thank you in advance!

  • I ´ve lost my albums photos. They are on the server, i can see them through ftp but they do not show up through the code.

    It happes only to albums images. Profile are ok.

    Elgg 1.8 and tidypics 1.8 (preview).



  • @simple servers is Right

    When a have also my own servers when i shift sites from one server to another server this will also happen!

  • @Luis: Actually SimpleServers stated the situation wrongly - suExec is a security feature of the Apache Server - not of php per se ! So a 'recompile of php' has got diddley to do with folder accesses. The cause of the probem is most likely ownership, permissions or danglling (tidypics related?) metadata definitions for data pathnames...


  • @ Dhrup: The permissions on the data folder are 777 (I made them through limedomains file management utility).

    What makes me thing is that the images were allright, but suddenly they do not show anymore. The only thing I can think it was to execute "upgrade" in the tidypics 1.8 preview settings.

    For example, when I upload a new image, it shows no thumbnail, but when I try to download, the image is shown fully -- the thumbnails are not working.

    With older images, I have no thumbnails too, but when i try to download, I have an error message and the file downloade is only 3bytes although is saved as *.jpg.

    Any hint???


  • #1 Nothing in the universe  of computing science hapens '...but suddenly they do not..' ;-) There is always something that *changed that causes the problem/s ! always.

    #2 ' no thumbnails ' most likely means that the thumbs did not created at upload time ? or cannot be accesed by the Server.

    #3 there could be a heap of other causes - GD Lib issues, Server directory naming changes, Apache *permissions - beyond the good old familiar '0777' that people usually talk about ;-) because there are many other 'permissions situations' for Apache.

    #4 See #1 ;-oO -- you'll need to first try to figure *what changed - rather than guessing or trying to go by everyone else's own experiences for similar but actually different problems. 'what changed' on the server/ elgg install ? That is why your images are suddenly 'missing'.


  • and btw - please post same problem issues on only one topic ! ;-) or else you'll end up getting the same answers in both topics ;-oP and that kinda is a waste of time for everyone involved ;-P

  • Hi Dhrup: I don´t know what change, cause I've made a lot of them because of the "depreceted" messages regarding to 1.8. 

    I disabled all plugins, enabled just tidypics, no avail.

    I disabled the plugin, deleted the folder, made a fresh install of tidypics 1.8 preview, but nothing.

    It is related to GD, but it is enabled.

    Maybe some bad php code, I have the messages like this for various mods "0 (guid:125) não pode ser iniciado. Razão: Não foi possível incluir start.php para o plugin XXX (guid: 125) em /mnt/glusterfs/apache/hosting-dir/.../user_dir/.../home/mod/XXX Verifique permissões!"

    " 0 (guid : 125) cannot be initiated: Reason: It was not possible to include start.php for the plugin XXX (guid:125) at /mnt/glusterfs/apache/hosting-dir/.../user_dir/.../home/mod/XXX. Check permissions!"

    What permissions it means?

    I have these messages before the images gone without problems.

    I have problems with image in mod files and tidypics.

    In files I can upload them but can olny view them at downloading (nohumbnails).

    In tidypics after upload I only have a corrupt file after download (no thumbnails either).

    Btw, I only post again cause I haven't any response here so I think this thread was dead...