slide show in custom_index

hi to make own slide show in custom_index.where add jquery <head> me

  • Did you work it out? 

    I use the already included-by-elgg jquery link in the head, the slideshow specific (but external to the page) files are in 'mod/plug-in-name/js',  the slideshow html is where I want the slideshow to appear, and the (on the page) slideshow script is at the very bottom of the page.


  • i try.its not work me sir....i am using your easy theme..if you help for me...making  your website( slideshow ..

  • uses SlidesJs - is that what you're using?

    I have used it with Elgg exactly as I described above (see: my white slide theme) *but* that was back at version 1 of SlidesJs, and it is at version 3 now.  I think that, as from version 2, SlideJs only works with jQuery 1.7.1+.  Which I don't think will work with Elgg... elgg 1.8 is using 1.6.4.

    Might be your problem?

    If not... have you remembered to link to the slides.min.jquery.js file (in 'mod/plug-in-name/js') from the custom-index page.  <script src="........ etc.  

  • i am also uses slidesjs...i likes your white slide theme....

  • thanks for reply sir....where place add <script scr=".." start.php or index.php in custom_html

  • In custom_index.php, in  'page/layouts'.

    just a thought... you should be doing this in the Easy Theme folder?  You should be working in 'easytheme/views/default/page/layouts/custom_index.php'.  The slideshow specific (but external to the page) files should be in 'mod/easytheme/js'.

    btw I'm not sure I'm going to be much more help, I'm finishing work now, I've just one more thing I want to do then I won't be around for a week or so.

  • i am very happy for your kind of you......