LF a programmer to build a twitter-like website but simpler


I'm looking for a programmer to build me a twitter-like website.



1. the only pages are the home page which includes nothing but "twitts" (the wire?) and the profile page that would include a picture, the members twitts, basic info about himself (nothing specific, it's up to the member what to write) and followers.

2. no need for hash or any kind of tagging.

3. the options on any twitt are comment, like and share to different social networks.

4. you can either login w/ facebook or create a new account. the only things needed are a display name and preffered langueges (every user checks the langueges he knows so he only sees twitts writen in langueges he knows).

5. every time you log in, before you get to home page, you need to identify yourself as either type A or type B (let's say hungry or not hungry), and on every twitt theres a like bar for type A users and a like bar for type B users (the likes would distribute between the two bars automaically based on the type you chose, theres only one button for like).


thats about it. if you can modify elgg to work like that please email me w/ the amount you ask for that job and we can continue from there.


Waiting for replies,



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