I get a white page after a new registration?

I get a white page after a new registration? I don't know why this is happening.  I found several other references to this but none had a solution

also the adress bar says /action/register.php at the end

the folder should be "actions"? should'n it?

  • /action/register.php  is *correct - gets redurected by .htaccess rewrite rules.

    you may be having htaccess syntax problems or maybe Host mod_security problems.

    "white screen of death" could means some kind of php error also.

    but cannot say because you need to provide more info.

    look into your apache error log for clues.

  • It happens the same to me with  /action/logout  I get the 500 error. I do not understand what happens with my website. If I login by doing click on "Enter" I can login but if I make a "Enter" like I did in my local I get other 500 error. It seems like something is not set properly. The .htaccess has a lot of influence with 404 and 500 errors but I do not know why I have to do the upgrade.php or upload the .htaccess to RewriteBase / to get it works again.